Tenuta Sallier de la Tour

Discovering the Sicilian continent - Grandi Vigne

A journey through the five Tasca d'Almerita Estates - Grandi Vigne

Discovering the continent of Sicily through our Grandi Vigne. The story of the tie between the vineyard, our work, and the resulting wine. For us, each wine has a distinct mission tied to the land and a precise organoleptic characteristic.

Grillo from Mozia, Regaleali’s historical Nozze d’Oro, Contrada Pianodario’s Nerello Mascalese, La Monaca from
Sallier de La Tour, and the Malvasia from Capofaro on Salina. Five glasses, five terroirs, one continent.

The experience includes: vineyard walk, winery tour, and wine tasting with local delicacies.

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